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CRS - Property Management


Cromwell Realty Services LLC, will be responsible for the annual operations of your commercial property/properties. To ensure that the property is properly maintained, our managers routinely inspect the grounds, buildings, and equipment to determine whether repairs or maintenance is needed. Other important duties of our managers include keeping accurate, up-to-date records of income and expenditures from property operations and submitting regular expense reports to the owners.


CRS will also negotiate contracts for landscaping maintenance, janitorial, security, trash removal, and other services. When contracts are awarded competitively, CRS will solicit bids from several contractors and advise the owners on which bid to accept. We will also monitor the performance of contractors and investigate and resolve complaints from tenants when services are not properly provided. CRS also purchases supplies and equipment for the property and makes arrangements with specialists for repairs that cannot be handled by regular property maintenance staff.


CRS will handle all aspects of leasing space within the property, including: hiring and training leasing personnel; lease preparation, establishing leasing guidelines designed to achieve the landlord objectives; space planning assistance; lease renewals; identifying suitable prospects, attracting new tenants, preparation of advertisements and other promotional materials.


In addition to fulfilling these duties, CRS understands and complies with provisions of legislation, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and will ensure and that the property itself complies with all of the local, State, and Federal regulations and building codes.


Lastly, CRS will implement a Hurricane Management plan to ensure that your property/properties are protected before a storm develops. CRS also has a post-storm meeting to determine if there has been any property/grounds damage and take the necessary steps for repair and or replacement to the property.